Hilda Nanning is recognized as an effective individual, couples, and family counsellor in Vancouver, BC, Canada, who specializes in providing therapy for people of all ages – and their relationships.

Hilda’s therapy is caring, practical and efficient. On average and depending on the issues brought forward, many of the people who work with Hilda, do so for 5-10 sessions.

In your therapeutic conversation with Hilda, you will experience a deep respect, a generous and genuine care, a reliable commitment to all that you experience and hope for and long term healthy results.

Resolution, agency, reclamation of preferred ways of being and relating, and new beginnings and possibilities are the experiences Hilda engages and attends to.

Professional Affiliations/Registration

  • British Columbia Association of Clinical Counsellors – RCC 8580

  • British Columbia Association of Social Workers – RSW 10014

  • Crime Victim Assistance Program


Hilda Nanning blends 25 years of counselling, international therapeutic and cultural theory studies with a feminist, narrative therapy, somatic and trauma work concentration. She completed her academic studies with honors and her therapy training with distinction. Hilda has supplemented her therapy practice with EMDR, somatic, trauma counselling training, marriage counselling, couples therapy training, and has apprenticed alongside a number of internationally acclaimed therapists and scholars.

Select Testimonials:

I have worked with Hilda in various contexts, including a mission in Rwanda to train social workers working with genocide survivor families. She is one of the brightest narrative counsellors of her generation. She is the most honest, congruent and ethical person I know.

Pierre Blanc-Sahnoun, la Fabrique Narrative

Hilda Nanning is a gifted therapist. She has displayed a genuine respect for me and a commitment to my well-being which is rarely found in the counselling field. I would recommend her services to anyone looking to make positive changes in their lives.

Client, N, 19 year-old student

Thank you Hilda! For helping me locate my map that was lost in a fog of trauma and for guiding my way back to myself. The return of what was mine also became about the reclamation of what is ours as women. It has been more than restorative and beyond inspiring. I am grateful, therapy sherpa lady.

Client, P, Actress

Absolutely incredible couples counselling!  It is no small victory to have managed to reunite us back with our ethics and values following such a devastating, ‘tsunami of hurt’.  We thank you for the deep and rich learning journey and for our relationship life back.

Client R, Actor, and J, Film editor

Not only has that deep intimacy and trust returned, but we have managed to rekindle a respect for the differences, we had originally loved so much about each other but had become so competitive with.  It was quite amazing to become so aware of how all the unresolved past problems continued to own our present.

Client T, Librarian

Your therapists are lucky to have you and to learn from the unwavering respect you have for diversity and inclusion.  Our poly family thanks you.

Clients S, T and L

Awards of Distinction

Artist and Community Stewardship

With a lived experience as an artist and a prolific past advocating for and producing community art opportunities for emerging artists, Hilda offers a home in the therapy room, for the artist experience. Hilda continues to offer her support to the Vancouver emergent art community, as a board member of the UNIT PITT.

Feminist-Narrative Scholarship

In memory of her mother, a feminist, social justice humanitarian, Hilda sponsors the Anna Alida Witmondt-Nanning Scholarship at the Dulwich Centre in Adelaide, Australia, to recognize female identified students who are committed to social justice and advocating for the marginalized.

Community Development and Praxis

Over her 30 years of professional and grassroots work, Hilda has provided sponsorship, and hosted teams of apprentices, practicum and registered social workers and therapists in experiential learning, praxis, community development initiatives. This work has entailed providing leadership in social-profit, social justice and collaborative art exploration and praxis.

In evolution to its predecessor, the Vancouver ProChoices Community Therapy Clinic (2014-2020) the Vancouver Feminist Therapy Collective (2020) was established, to further mobilize feminist therapy community building, experiential learning and practice advancement opportunities for counsellors and lower barrier, anti-oppressive/feminist counselling for the community. ProChoices ran as an unfunded, grassroots, social-profit initiative for five years and provided over 6000 hours of by-donation, low barrier counselling to the community. During this time, Hilda developed and mentored collective process model exploration and development, feminist-narrative praxis immersion curriculum, feminist participatory action research projects, feminist-narrative clinical counselling advancement immersion programming, and graduated over 40 learning therapists.

The Vancouver Feminist Therapy Collective closed its chapter on July16/20 in response to the 2020 pandemic’s increased demand upon its volunteer labour and underresourced philanthropic initiative.

HNC extends a deep bow to all past ProChoices and VFTC contributors, who have bolstered in one way or another the effort and stamina required to sustain grassroots feminist praxis and working outside medical model, capitalist and individualist pressure and hegemony.