How do we inhabit the stories we inherit? ~ Donna Harraway

Welcome to Hilda Nanning Counselling

Vancouver Feminist Narrative Psychotherapist Hilda Nanning helps you mobilize away from the problems in your way, towards preferred experiences of living and relating. You will experience change during your counselling sessions with Hilda, and these changes will be sustained over the long term.

Restorative Change

Hilda initiates non-traumatizing discussions with the negative experiences such as distress or abuse that can diminish wellness and restrain equanimity.

All are welcome

Hilda works with women of all ages (and welcomes male, non-gendered, bi-gendered and transgendered identified individuals) and their relationships (children, spouse, families, business partners, poly, and couples.)

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After my long search for a counsellor who understood me as more than the mess of my life, I found a therapy that is as caring, as it is effective. I came to Hilda overwhelmed with a despair that had me believing there was no going back to the self I knew before all the abuse and gaslighting that took over my life. I realize now that I had thought my suffering meant his success and that this belief had me trapped and suffering. It has been a journey back to my power and to the understanding that my revenge is my wellness. Thank you Hilda, for the best counselling I have ever had and for supporting me to win!

Jessica L. (alias)

I woke up the morning with the feeling – for the first time ever – that I could choose how I felt that morning. Most mornings I wake up anxious and afraid. I had thought this was part of my story, some mystery thing hurting me that was a fact, instead I feel space and choice in my own body and that I can choose nourishment and ‘unwelcome’ fear’ – (I love that phrase, thank you). Thank you. Thanks for rooting for me in the wings. Thank you for the suggestions and questions to sit with, thank you for your generosity and compassion.

Client, Actress

THANK YOU HILDA! For helping me to locate my map that was lost in that fog of trauma and for guiding my way back to myself. The return of what was mine has become also about the reclamation of what is ours, as women and it has been more than restorative and beyond inspiring. I am very grateful, therapy sherpa lady. Thank you!


Hilda is a skilled leader and change champion. She has a deep understanding of how mental health consumers are systematically disenfranchised and she uses that knowledge to lead and drive change processes, authentically, engaging others every step of the way. People trust and value Hilda. I cannot speak highly enough of Hilda as a person who is completely committed to social change, and whose leadership is active and emphatic.

Lynn Jones, Coordinator, VRHB, Mental Health Housing, Rehabilitation and Consumer Initiatives, 2002

Hilda’s expert skill, her supportive mentorship, and her organic, practice-based approach resulted in a remarkably enriching learning journey that I would highly recommend. I have particularly appreciated the “think tank” of feminist perspectives, the energy and zeal focused on providing low-income counselling to the local community, and how it all translated to the client voices that regularly share how much ProChoices is appreciated.

M. Knott, M.A. Counseling Psychology Program, Pacifica Graduate Institute

Hilda has opened my eyes to an entirely new world as a learner. In my previous supervision, I found myself immersed in a world of self-doubt and questioning myself as an ‘effective’ new therapist. Hilda took an entirely different approach, placing value instead in my experiences as a learner and she instilled hope in my capabilities of instigating change beyond the therapy room. I was at a place of hopelessness as a learning therapist. I am forever grateful to Hilda for carrying a contagious passion that rekindled mine, and I am thankful that I was able to work with such a patient, caring and inspiring woman.

Alisha Gori, Therapist Practicum Student, Adler University, Masters of Counselling Psychology

I have worked with Hilda in various contexts, including a mission in Rwanda to train social workers working with genocide survivor families. She is one of the brightest narrative counsellors of her generation. She is also the most honest, congruent and ethical person I know.

Pierre Blanc-Sahnoun, la Fabrique Narrative

Hilda Nanning is a gifted therapist. Through our work together she has displayed a genuine respect for me and a commitment to my well-being which is rarely found in the counselling field. I would recommend her services to anyone looking to make positive changes in their lives.


Overwhelmed by the shock that followed a severe car accident, I was so very lucky to have found Hilda. Hilda not only supported me as a remarkable therapist with exceptional results, but she also advocated with the systems that I was forced to deal with, when doing so myself, aggravated my PTSD symptoms. I cannot stress enough how the combination of her skills and insight regarding systemic trauma has been paramount to the healing of my mental wellness and recovery of myself.

Client, RN

John (alias) and I really enjoyed and appreciated our sessions with you, and even though things haven’t been perfect, they feel different and more stable, and we feel more connected than ever. I am so grateful for everything that you have helped me/us with Hilda, you have an incredible gift and I feel very lucky that I have you in my life to help me with the things that I find difficult to navigate. I have never felt so supported by someone before, in such a caring, non-judgemental way, and that alone has made a huge difference in my life.

Client, Couples Therapy