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Dear Community,

Please note that by July 16th, 2020 VFTC and the Apprentice Program will be pausing all lower barrier counselling services and collective activity.

Please see our HNC Facebook for local low barrier resource information. Current client therapists will offer supportive resources and referrals. We extend our generous appreciation to all and wish you each the best in your therapeutic and learning journeys ahead.

Counselling Services

HNC Associate Therapists

Hilda Nanning Counselling (HNC) supports her Associates to provide quality, low-barrier counselling at $70/1hr (minimum donation) sessions to the community, while offering experiential professional development, rigorous learning opportunities, and the engagement of anti-oppressive praxis.

Contact HNC for therapist Associate information or application. 

Apprenticeship Program

The Apprenticeship Program supports the core mission of HNC and VFTC: to provide accessible, low-barrier counselling services at $35/1hr (minimum donation) sessions. Integral to our intention of reciprocity, the program is a way to build community within Feminist-Narrative counselling and create a platform for supportive research and praxis.

Contact our Apprentice Coordinator for therapist Apprenticeship information or application. 


The Vancouver Feminist Therapy Collective (VFTC) is an intersectional feminist counselling clinic that provides quality, affordable and accessible therapy to individuals and communities of diverse experiences and needs. Hilda Nanning Counselling provides sponsorship and hosts a team of therapy supervisors, the VFTC as a collective, the Associate Therapists and the Apprentice Program.

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What motivated us to get here?

The Vancouver Feminist Therapy Collective evolved from our predecessor, ProChoices Community Therapy Clinic, which was founded in 2015 by Hilda Nanning. ProChoices was created to respond to the lack of low-barrier counselling in Vancouver, BC, as well as to provide practice and supervision opportunities for therapists in Feminist-Narrative therapy. The ProChoices Therapy Clinic was sponsored by Hilda Nanning Counselling and supported by client donations, its counselling immersion program revenue, volunteer contributions and a small, dedicated team of graduates and learning therapists. Over its five years as an unfunded social profit, ProChoices provided more than 6000 hours of therapy to the community and graduated 40 therapists from its intensive program.

ProChoices was entirely volunteer-driven and did not receive funding during its five years. Its fuel was its dedication and advocacy for the inclusion of experiential learning, grassroots work, and the voices challenging any hegemonic and elitist cultural authorities (such as the academia, capitalism, individualism, and authoritarian ruling) that “other.” This core value and intention translates to the new VFTC.  We recognize that while oppression is experienced and perpetrated personally, it has political roots and causes, and working against oppression involves challenging the status quo.

Client Testimonies

“I am so grateful for ProChoices and my wonderful counselor. Over our sessions the fog I brought in with me lifted enough for me to see some patterns that have weighed me down. I felt very comfortable with my counselor… She was very skilled at tuning in and asking the right questions with true compassion and interest… Things aren’t perfect now, but I feel like I have the clarity I was seeking… rather than just be lost within it.”


“Perfect balance between therapist/patient taking turns in leading the experience. Kind and loving environment.”

Pedro Daher

“10/10 would recommend. Affordable and supportive. I really loved my experience. Their approach is encouraging, open, and non-judgemental. Worth the waitlist wait!”

Samantha Marie Nock

“Really great experience here! Feminist narrative therapy is a unique approach that has been a very beneficial for me. This program is donation-based and very accessible, a rare gem for counselling services”

Jessi Carson

“Wonderfully supportive and open to allowing individual process while also encouraging growth. This community has been a major step in my own personal growth. Highly recommend them!”

Bronwyn Hughes

“Supportive, non-judgemental, affordable, inclusive… all around excellent care I would highly recommend. Very grateful I had the opportunity!”

Luna Amanda

“My experience at ProChoices Clinic has been incredibly wholesome. I benefited from group as well as individual therapy. I highly recommend both. The therapists and the space are honest and open, this taught me to be honest and open with myself. The sessions have helped me welcome better people to my life, and establish boundaries with myself and others. It is hard work, but so worth it! Thank you!”

Sanaz Sunnie

“I couldn’t be more satisfied…. It undoubtedly changed my life and the way I approach the world. I feel like my counselor set me up to be a more accountable and emotionally available version of myself. Can’t praise them enough, I absolutely love ProChoices.”

Laura Wall

“This was my first time doing therapy and I feel like my inner stability has stronger roots now. My therapist was very kind and asked incredibly insightful questions that made me realize I know more about myself than I thought. This place is fantastic.”

Dayna Mahannah

“I was unsure what to expect with feminist narrative therapy but now I cannot sing its praises enough! With the helpful guidance and insight I have received with my amazing therapist I can see things so much clearer. Thank you so much ProChoices you really helped me turn my life around!”

Twila Schembri

“I want to thank you for helping me through a difficult time in my life. I have learned a lot and look forward to moving forward.”

Whitney Danae Wright

“At the outset of my ten-week journey I was apprehensive about the effectiveness of the Narrative approach… What I expected or wanted was a more direct typical psychoanalysis….by the third session I had come to a better understanding. After that point I could feel a noticeable improvement and change in the way I was addressing issues or concerns I had during the sessions and this led to moments of self discovery that felt profound. By the end of the ten-week period I felt changed and propelled in a more positive direction towards my goals and self-worth. I would recommend these services to anyone who is searching for answers and/or feel they need a guide to help sort out the mental chaos of the mind.”

Shadow Sly

“Best counselling I ever had!”

Syd B

“Amazing place that really cares!”

Ellena Lawrence

“Quality affordable care for mental health isn’t easy to find. I needed these sessions and am grateful they were an option”

Amanda Eagleson

“I really enjoyed the feminist narrative approach, it was definitely a different experience to any clinical therapy I have been to. I feel that their approach is a lot more collaborative and left me feeling empowered at the end of the sessions. I would highly recommend it, especially to the queer community as they are very queer and trans friendly!”

Sam Schmidt

“Such a warm, supportive and incredibly valuable experience working with ProChoices. I feel so empowered and grounded after my sessions!”

Madelyn Osborne

About Us: The Vancouver Feminist Therapy Collective

The Vancouver Feminist Therapy Collective (VFTC) is an intersectional feminist counselling clinic that provides quality affordable and accessible therapy to individuals and communities of diverse experiences and needs. We engage a Feminist-Narrative Therapy and Somatically-Integrated Counselling lens, and are fueled by shared feminist values, anti-oppression practices, and ethical integrity. As a collective, we value reciprocity, honour our lineage and acknowledge all those who support and inspire us to do this meaningful work.

Hosted and sponsored by Hilda Nanning Counselling (HNC), the VFTC consists of HNC Associate Therapists and Apprentice Therapists. HNC supports her Associates to provide quality, low-barrier counselling to the community while offering experiential professional development, rigorous learning opportunities, and the engagement of anti-oppressive praxis. VFTC has the autonomy to explore, create, and develop, while adhering to regulatory standards of practice and our own collective code of values.

It is our belief that affordable therapy is a social justice issue, and this informs our commitment to offer counselling services to individuals of diverse demographics and needs. Our work supports problem experiences such as grief, trauma, body image, anxiety, depression, relationships, self-esteem, and any other experiences that may present as challenging in our clients’ lives.

All therapists participate in ongoing monthly supervision, mentorship and community of practice, and contribute to participatory action research projects exploring praxis and Feminist-Narrative ways of working and collectively supporting each other’s learning and being.

Therapist Community Testimonials

“I would highly recommend ProChoices to anyone who wants to learn from and contribute to this beautiful community. It has been eye-opening in the most wonderful way – both personally and professionally.”

Christina, UBC-Okanagan Practicum Student, 2018

“Joining ProChoices as a learning therapist has been nothing short of a transformative experience. I ended with a community to call home, and a deepening, nuanced grasp of feminist-narrative practices that have altered not only my practice, by my way of being in the world. This program is truly immersive in every sense of the word – the supervision, group learning, and entire infrastructure upon which ProChoices is built operates with the same curiosity, kindness and care that characterizes our work with clients. I could say with conviction that I feel prepared to wear my identity as a counsellor in the world now.”

Kirsten Noack, Learning Therapist, 2018

“I can honestly say that my experiences as a Learning Therapist has been transformative. I am not the same therapist I was compared to when I started. First and foremost, my supervisor, Hilda Nanning, was outstanding. She has extensive training and experience in Feminist Narrative practices and was able to embed these perspectives and approaches within her individual and group supervision in a way that was both educational and inspiring. I learned so much just by observing and experiencing her approach through my interactions. She is passionate about the Feminist-Narrative approach to counselling and provided me with excellent feedback, insights and opportunities to develop my practice. She truly is someone you need to seek out if you are interested in this approach. She was both supportive when I struggled and inspired when I succeeded. I appreciate all that I have gained through our supervision sessions.”

Laura Farres, Ph.D., Ch.P.C., Learning Therapist, 2018

“I am very grateful to Hilda Nanning and ProChoices Therapy Clinic for the opportunity to dive deep into the world of Feminist-Narrative Therapy. Hilda’s expert skill, her supportive mentorship, and her organic, practice-based approach resulted in a learning experience that I found very effective. I have particularly appreciated learning how to facilitate my clients’ discoveries, through their own telling of their stories and their own words, that they had choices about whether to centre themselves in the problem or in possibility. I have also learned a lot from participating in the social justice model that the ProChoices community follows, an enriching “think tank” of feminist perspectives, energy and zeal focused on providing low-income counselling to the local community, all supported by client voices that regularly share how much ProChoices is appreciated. This has been a remarkably enriching learning journey for me, one I very highly recommend.”

Moira Knott, Pacifica Practicum Student, 2017

“Hilda has opened my eyes to an entirely new world as a learner. In my previous supervision, I found myself immersed in a world of self-doubt and questioning myself as an ‘effective’ new therapist. Hilda took an entirely different approach, placing value instead in my experiences as a learner and she instilled hope in my capabilities of instigating change beyond the therapy room. I was at a place of hopelessness as a learning therapist. I am forever grateful to Hilda for carrying a contagious passion that rekindled mine, and I am thankful that I was able to work with such a patient, caring and inspiring woman.”

Alisha Gori, Practicum Student, Adler University, Masters of Counselling Psychology, Learning Therapist, 2016

“The change I have experienced being part of ProChoices, both on a personal, human-level, and professionally… has been incalculable and it includes the way I see myself and the world — and it will permanently influence the way I live out my beliefs as an ally. It has influenced my future research direction to bring feminist-Narrative perspective to the facilitation process of care teams and to the systems that support their staff and clients. ProChoices is truly doing something unique, and it is making a critical difference with its clients, its therapists, and our community. I will never forget this.”

Richard, 2016

“I joined ProChoices because I wanted more experience in the practice of Narrative Therapy, and as a private practitioner I wanted to be part of a larger practice community. For me the collective became that and much more. Together we delved into the theory and practice of Narrative, questioned and deconstructed everything that came up, built and developed new ideas and supported each other in our different processes of learning. What made ProChoices feel different was that everything happened through practice. This is not an academic program. Each abstract idea becomes intimately grounded in the microlevel of everyday client work. For me that made it possible to venture out of my comfort zone, and develop. Make mistakes and make breakthroughs.  Together with our mentor Hilda I was able to identify areas of learning that supported my own development in the realm of narrative therapy and to explore values of feminism and social justice in therapeutic settings.  I don’t think I’ve ever learnt so much, so deeply, in such a short time.”

Charlotte Wieliczko, Practicing Therapist, Finland, 2015

Hilda Nanning Counselling Associates

Amanda has worked in a variety of supportive roles with marginalized populations throughout her career and is a proponent for social justice. She draws from a range of therapeutic approaches in her practice, including Narrative Therapy, Strength-Based Therapy, Mindfulness Practice and Somatic Therapy. Her work is deeply grounded in a client-centered, Feminist, anti-oppressive and social justice informed framework. She is honoured to work alongside you to help you process and deepen your understanding of your problems, shift unhelpful thoughts and perceptions, access your own insight and wisdom, and mobilize change in your relationship with your circumstances. Amanda is a Registered Clinical Counsellor and holds a Master’s Degree in Clinical Counselling. She is also a member in good standing with the BC association of clinical counsellor.

Cat aims to offer a non-judgemental & supportive space for people to explore preferred ways of being in their lives. Her hope is to offer guidance, while engaging in a collaborative experience that allows people to feel empowered by their sessions. She is a Registered Therapeutic Counsellor (RTC), with an MA from the European Graduate School in Expressive Arts Therapy, and a Minor in Psychology. She’s also an alumnus of the Feminist-Narrative Immersion Program at ProChoices Clinic and has studied extensively with Susan Aposhyan (Body Mind Psychotherapy). Cat has also learned a great deal about the therapeutic process through creating wellbeing, resilience and healing in her own life and has enormous respect for the courage and humility it takes to enter the room.

Deidre honours the fullness of all lived experiences and is always in a space of curiosity and appreciation. As a therapist, she finds grounding in a Feminist-Somatic-Narrative approach that is embodied, brave, kind, and safe. Deidre has attained a Masters of Education in Counselling Psychology and is a certified counsellor (CCC designation). She has completed an intensive Feminist-Narrative Therapy training program and is actively studying several somatic modalities, including Somatic Attachment and Contemporary Reichian Therapy. Deidre is passionate about all things body-mind-spirit and deeply values creativity, connection, meaning, and vulnerability. She is awed by the bravery and strength of her clients, and is humbled by the collaborative work that she is able to do within this collective.

Proud to be a woman of colour who defies the idea of normativity and an advocator for understanding our emotions, Katherine privileges the intersectionality in people. Katherine translates emotions into articulated experience with deconstructive conversations, writing, narrative inquiry, and creative concept. Experienced in facilitating conversations, arts project narrative and management, and interdisciplinary expressions, Katherine is a graduate of the Feminist Narrative Practice Immersion program at ProChoices Community Therapy Clinic. She is pursuing a Master’s Degree in Counselling and looks to gain her professional registration in the near future.

Apprentice Coordinator

Haley joins HNCounselling and Associates from a background in community organizing and advocacy. Having worked largely on projects related to public space and inclusion, she is experienced in challenging systems of oppression through experiential practices and grassroots efforts. Haley takes great joy in working in collective environments and is excited to join the VFTC, stemming from her own first-hand experiences with Feminist-Narrative Therapy.

Beyond her work as the Apprentice Coordinator, Haley will be pursuing a dual Masters in Urban Planning and Social Work in the fall, where she plans to work at the intersection of these two disciplines.

Photo by Arielle Bobb-Willis
Photo by Arielle Bobb-Willis

Contact us

119 W Pender Street, #121
Vancouver, BC, V5T 3H9

8am – 9pm daily

We wish to acknowledge that we are here uninvited on the unceded, shared, traditional territories of the Coast Salish peoples including the xʷməθkwəy̓əm (Musqueam), Sḵwx̱wú7mesh (Squamish), and səl̓ílwətaʔɬ/Selilwitulh (Tsleil-Waututh) Nations—and for this we are thankful.

For ProChoices alumni and those interested in getting involved with VFTC, join us as a Member at Large to receive our newsletter.

Therapists interested in applying to be Associates may contact: info@hildananningcounselling.ca. Therapists interested in applying to be Apprentices may contact: Haley@HNCounselling.ca.

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Hilda Nanning Counselling sponsors the Vancouver Feminist Therapy Collective through the provision of a community, experiential professional development, rigorous learning opportunities, and community praxis. With the support of HNC, VFTC has the autonomy to explore, create, and develop, while adhering to regulatory standards of practice and our own collective code of values.

We are a diverse group of dedicated therapists that bring our own skills and experiential knowledges to accompany the Feminist-Narrative, Somatic Therapy practice. We honour our clients as the experts of their own experiences and understanding what constitutes meaningful change in their lives. Rather than pathologizing or prescribing, we invite clients into a co-research process that invites alternative ways to experience, respond, and resolve the challenges and problems in the way of wellbeing.

The Apprenticeship Program supports the core mission of HNC and VFTC: to provide accessible, low-barrier counselling services at a minimum donation of $35 per session. Integral to our own Code of Values is the intention of reciprocity. The Apprenticeship Program is one more way to build community within Feminist-Narrative counselling and create a platform for supportive research and praxis. Each Apprentice Therapist is matched with a HNC Associate, who provides bimonthly mentorship. Like the HNC Associates, Apprentice Therapists participate in ongoing monthly supervision and community of practice, and contribute to participatory action research projects exploring praxis and Feminist-Narrative ways of working and collectively supporting each other’s learning and being.

  • For ProChoices Therapists alumni and those interested in getting involved with VFTC to learn about Feminist-Narrative therapy, join us as a Member at Large to receive our newsletter and follow us on Instagram and Facebook.
  • For therapists interested in applying to be Associates contact: info@hildananningcounselling.ca.
  • For therapists interested in applying to be Apprentices contact: Haley@HNCounselling.ca.