Why Cite a Client? Theoretical Gems That Inspire Me

Black and white photo of a group of people. Used figuratively here.

These particular handpicked gems inform my inclination—and bias—to cite the client’s therapeutic discoveries and our collaborative knowledge. I have many more theoretical sources, but for now, I invite you to take a bite or two.

Post-Structuralist Approach to Individual & Relationship Work

As a Post-Structuralist, Somatic-Narrative oriented therapist, working across the relationships to include, sessions with the individuals separately and as well, the relationship entity as a whole; involves centering an eco-system/systems perspective and strict confidentiality across the sessions.

Counter To The Problem Story Foraging

For those folks interested in the ‘Hello Body’ and ‘Vagal Toning’ practice we get up to in our therapy together, and for which you might be integrating into the moments of your day, and/or for those ‘Doing Political Therapy’ and Narrative nerds, read on.

Hello Body

Photo by Nicholas Scarpinato of a man floating in air

Inside what we describe as Somatic-Narrative Therapeutic approach, trauma-informed experiences can find preferred locations of refuge and new horizons of discovery for the transformation of internal strife and relational distress.