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Your therapeutic journey with Hilda

  • Hilda consults those she works with, as the experts of their experience and as the authority on what constitutes meaningful change and resolution.

  • A collaborative Narrative therapeutic partnership engages an exploration of how you may have come to the meaning you have about yourself and the world around you and engages alternative ways of responding, perceiving and resolving.

  • How we interact with our social world can impact how we manage our challenges, live our lives and can greatly influence how we build a future of choice and wellness.

  • Cultural values and beliefs involving religion, gender, race, sexual orientation, class, and ability play an active role in informing the challenges we face and as we are continually navigating power relations in our experiences, it is helpful to investigate how these contextual factors might be corroborating with the problems that are in your way and where they can become more supportive.

Hilda consults those she works with, as the experts of their own experience and as the authority of what will constitute meaningful change and resolution.

Individual Counselling

  • You might be feeling trapped by trauma or burdened with a sense of confusion, overwhelm or dread. You could be suffering and feeling stuck in a destructive habit. Grief or negative thinking may have hijacked your life. Isolation might be in the way of your working towards the kinds of accomplishment that are meaningful to you.

  • You could be struggling with ideas that convince you of a lack of self-worth or negative stories may be persuading you that you are not measuring up in the world. Depression or anxiety, grief or shame could be holding you hostage from the things that you remember feeling excited or energized by.
  • You could be feeling like your day is an on-going combat of a litany of troubles or stress – and it may be exhausting your reserves and dreams for the future.

Relief, recovery, restoration and reclamation of preferred ways of being and relating – and new skills, insights, clarity, and discovery are what we will transform together.

Therapy for Women and their relationships

Relational Counselling

  • Relationship with oneself and one’s wellness.
  • With intimate relationships and partnerships.

  • Relationship to parenting and caregiving experiences.
  • Work relationships and career direction.
  • Our relational experience in the world and with our communities.

Couples and Poly Counselling

Some of the issues couples/poly relationships come into counselling for help to overcome include: Lost intimacy, discord and volatility, betrayal, relationship cross-roads, negative imbalances of power, communication, pre-marital.

Other Specialty Areas

Trauma, fleeing abuse, sociopathy, narcissism, institutional abuse, relational discord, social justice advocacy, consulting.